What’s a College Prep Parent?

There’s a lot you can do to coach your child’s college preparation – without becoming an annoying “helicopter parent”!

A College Prep Parent helps their kid prepare for college. They’re a coach for their college-bound kid throughout high school, pushing them to arrive well – and thrive.

You can take wise, concrete steps to help your college-bound kid

  • “build a resume” during high school that colleges will appreciate
  • choose a school that fits them and their goals
  • build a faith that not only survives college but grows there
  • discover ways they (or you) can pay for college more easily
  • zero-in on their unique “fit” and opportunities
  • get through the intricacies of the college admissions process
  • …and everything else that will help them “arrive and thrive.”

We’ll give you tools to do those things! So by visiting this site, reading what’s here, and applying it to your unique situation, you’re already becoming a College Prep Parent. Good job!

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